Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cost Music

album ajánló: Devendra Banhart (What We Will Be, 2009)

When I was a young boy I had a lot of young boys
And we taught each other dearly how to love
Now that I'm an old hag all I gots are things that sag
But it really ain't so bad, no, it really ain't so bad

Look at the neighbors with their long blond hair
Makin' their money at the Renaissance fair
They live under your dress in a massengilic mess
Singin' klang, bang, wang, I swear

The neighbors will hear you
The neighbors will hear you
The neighbors will hear you
The neighbors will hear you

A glass eye tends to the garden in your breast singin'
Mama, you're a dog too dull to bite
My love's central sun hides her bells in emptiness
I hung the hangman and I ain't afraid to fight

But he's gonna get me
He's gonna get me
He won't forget me
He's gonna get me

Well, steal my, steal my face I do declare
This might be a start of a new affair
I'm gonna braid exotic birds in your hair
How can I tell 'cause I see wildfire everywhere

But that gonna be some, be some
All my thoughts are hairs on a wild, wild boar
Runnin' slowly down the lilac slope
We're tryin' not to scare the sweet prairie hogs
As we descend on them like vultures through the fog

We're vulpinus vultures
We're vulpinus vultures
We're elegant armchairs
We're vulpinus vultures

Give heals time to wound as we lazily spoon
Bend me over, bend back my bow
And take a little and I'll grant you every wish
Glue my belly to your gibbous rainbow

Chin, chin and muck, muck

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